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Alice Cattaneo – Wedding Photographer Milan Italy

Alice Cattaneo is a full time photographer, specialising in weddings, children and any special event locally in Magenta, Italy. As a freelance travel photographer, she travels extensively, working on assignment, and commission.

“I decided to make my passion for photography and video my profession; to record the world I see with honesty and compassion. Because of it I have enjoyed some extraordinary adventures with couples sharing their special wedding day and families celebrating their children or a special event. Wherever I point my camera I receive great hospitality and generosity from people all around the world.”

“Even though I’m currently based in Magenta, I travel regularly throughout the year. So far I’ve covered weddings in Bali, France, Egypt and Thailand. Travel costs (i.e. flights and accommodation) can be negotiated.”

Photography Assignments & Commissions

As a freelance photographer working on assignment Alice Cattaneo has been commissioned by several Incentive House and companies.

Stock Photography

Alice produces stock photographs and images. Her stock collection includes images from Egypt, Italy, Bali, India, Thailand, some of which have been reproduced in diving magazines and have been used for a book. Please email me if you’re interested in any of my photos.


  • Videos for weddings
  • Video maker for Documentaries broadcasted on Sky and some Italian channels
  • Video maker for Incentive House